Mr. Sanjay Wanve

Founder & Secretary of Shri Ganesh Multipurpose Education Society

Mr. Sanjay Wanve, a social activist, in Lakhni by profession since 2000, realized urgent need of a school in Lakhni, which could impart quality and affordable education to lower section of public. With this object,Shri Ganesh Multipurpose Education was created by Mr. Sanjay Wanve and his family under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and The Little Flower English School was established in 2003.

Respected parent's and dear students.The The Little Flower English School Started in 2003 by Shri Ganesh Multipurpose Education Society. In last 14 years, We have tried and given the best facilities to our students in our area. From this academic session, We are starting junior college with science stream. As your trust remained on our school in a tenture of 14 years. We will definitely give you the best education with all important facilities like digital Classrooms, Wi-Fi Campus, Total CCTV surveillance, well-eqquipped laboratories, Special focus on study for NEET/JEE/CET, Special attention for skill developement & Career counceling, etc. We are commited to provide all things in the field of education with excellence. I suggest you to br prepared to reach greater and greater height with The Little Flower English School.

We contribute best efforts and individual attention to each child so that the child develops at his or her own pace in a stimulating environment. We provide environment to our children that enables them to grow into their full potential and nurtures core value.

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Ms. Kalpana Bhoyar

Co-founder of Shri Ganesh Multipurpose Education Society & Principal of The Little Flower English School

The School has grown under leadership and hard efforts of Co-founder Ms. Kalpana Bhoyar who has not left any stone unturned for the development of the institution. From academic year 2014-15, we have shifted to new infrastructure at Kesalwada Road Lakhni, with all modern facilities and amenities.

We welcome you in this institution for deciding to admit and develop your ward. The best way to allow your ward to face this competitive world is to expense him to various aspects of life as much as possible.Allow the child to accumulate and asses on his own, how much he enjoys and wishesh to keep how much he wishesh omit and leave may be for the time being. The process of exposure for the practice of brain is never ending so is the achievement.

There can be different level of achievement which we must accept as the fact of life as all human beings are not alike not only by looks but achivements as well as all of us look different to so is the case of our all children whom we wish to be the best person or citizen nationally as well as internationally. We the The Little Flower Family will give you quality education from best educators. Do join The Little Flower for best academics and excellent education. Already our School has achived good heights in academic, cultural, sports, art and new this opportunity comes to junior college students to shine with The Little Flowers.

Established in 2003, We provide an experience that such as kindness, friendship and compassion.Creative opportunities in the classroom, garden and playground inspire young spirits. We bring together teachers, parents and children in a unique cooperative learning environment.

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