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Play Group
The Little Flower English School being one of the most prominent names in Play School presenters, we treat all children as per their uniqueness and specialty. We recognize that children whose basic emotional, social, spiritual and physical need are met and nurtured through the preschool years in levels like Playgroup, Nursery, JR.KG., SR.KG. they become ready and eager to learn the academics in elementary school. Consequently, we as a chain of play schools make age-appropriate materials available in such a way that they learn while they are playing.
The wonderful preschool memories begin in our classrooms. Where in nursery, we start by creating informal learning experiences that generates a positive foundation for preschool. We engage them with other kids at our preschools and together they explore toys, look at books, sing, play on puzzles etc. During the early childhood education, we teach them that school is a safe place to explore their world in many new & exciting ways.
In The Little Flower English School Jr.Kg program, we encourage children to look for peer relationships, to play cooperatively, to share, contribute, and to interact with others in a group to explore & create! In addition, this Jr.Kg consists of a vast array of lessons and learning, through companionship & numerous recreational activities.
This SR.KG Programs, level organizes developmentally appropriate activities into many lessons and sessions designed to accomplish readiness for Kindergarten as well as further strengthen the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Our children get the opportunity to explore each lessons and learning sessions with the other children in SR.KG.
I To X Std
Quality education in the early years of school sets a firm foundation in the overall development of a child. At The Little Flower School, the Std I To X curriculum provides a right array of activities to help children move towards achieving their early learning goals.
Our Features
Join us on a fun and exciting journey into the The Little Flower English School! Be amazed with the warm welcome The Little Flower English School and be immersed in the magic of an The Little Flower English School atmosphere. Throughout your adventure be an artist with a wide range of themed art and craft activities and boost your energy with fabulous games.
Creation Zone
The Creation Zone allows children to get hands-on and create their own unique mementos of their holiday.
Play Zone
Your children will love our spacious ‘play zone’ where they will be excited and encouraged to use their skills.
Special Events
Choose from any of your choice holidays to create a sports experience for your child.
An art of beatiful handwriting. Complete with ”create different writing patterns
Colors N Scissors
High quality art Drawing with multiple Craft Programme offering students.
Vedic Math
Solve Mathematical Problem, Solve easily 10-15 times Faster than calculator.

What do we teach?


Singing, Music, Dance

It helps the body and the mind work together. Exposing children to music during early development .


Study Smart

With the Help of E-learning Software.StudySmart is a unique training that offers training opportunities, masterclasses.



Extra sensory perception.that involves awareness of information about events external to the self not gained through the senses



Multiple Intelligence test.It simply scientific observes of the multiple test patterns how it will be capable.



Quality Abacus Education.The abacus is one of many counting devices invented to help count large numbers.



Physical, mental,spiritual practices in Yoga.Find out the potential health benefits of practicing yoga, including effectiveness increasing tour Flexibility.

How do we Teach?

What We Do

27 Jan 2018

Respecting other's ideas

We Promote the social,emotional to the children in the Classrooms experiences alive with possibilities.

28 Jan 2018

Thinking of strategist

To solve a particular problem that Work for everyone involved for Care about their children.

29 Jan 2018

Allow children the time and freedom necessary

Parents take an active role in the classroom to express and explore their ideas.

Music Gallery

Meet Our Chairman

Mr. Sanjay Wanve
Founder Of Shri Ganesh Multipurpose Education 25 STUDENTS

Mr. Sanjay Wanve, a social activist, in Lakhni by profession since 2000, realized urgent need of a school in Lakhni, which could impart quality and affordable education to lower section of public. With this object,Shri Ganesh Multipurpose Education was created by Mr. Sanjay Wanve and his family under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and The Little Flower English Schoolwas established in 2006.

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